Simmos Beach



Compact living next to hidden natural playground

We all know of the common ‘granny flat’.  Compact living, simple construction often prefabricated, and almost always a dwelling where function prevails over experience and excitement.

Located walking distance to the natural playground of Simmos Beach, this proposal sought to explore the notion of a such a home where the design places the experience of the people first, whilst navigating the suburban and construction constraints placed upon it.  The building faces north east and the roof is lifted to catch as much natural light as possible.  The internal living area opens up to the back yard making it feel larger than it really is, whilst the indoor and outdoor kitchen are connected yet tucked away so that they can be part of the outdoor lifestyle without encroaching on entertaining space.

The external form and materials act as suburban camouflage.  Familiar enough to sit within its context yet modern and calm in its execution.  The structure provides shelter to the private spaces within where materials such as the timber cladding and decking provide a warm and tactile experience reserved for its occupants.